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Research your audience
Choose the shows that are most appropriate for your products and services.
Set measurable objectives
Objectives enable you to evaluate results.
Buy enough space
calculate for visitors, staff, displays and equipment.
Assign responsibilities
Assign specific individuals for each exhibit task.
Consider your message
Target your exhibit to your particular customers needs and concerns.
Plan pre-show promotion
Call customers, send invitations, utilize your advertising and sales potential.
Schedule the tasks
Planning will help you get your exhibit to the show on time and within budget.

Inform your staff
Explain their objectives and their responsibilities in achieving them.
Train your sales people
Familiarity with equipment and literature and complete all forms daily.
Set up your exhibit
Check signage, test equipment, install telephone, etc. (if necessary)
Watch for VIP visits
Alert sales people to possible VIP industry visitors.
Provide news releases
Shows attract news media, be sure your story is heard!
Look at other exhibits
Note the unusual and fresh ideas, qualify the attending crowd.
Monitor booth activity
Be flexible. Decide each day if change is necessary in schedules, etc.
Schedule staff meetings daily
Give staff a chance to share experiences.
Reward high achievers
Recognize those who make your exhibit successful.

Meet to evaluate
Get feed back for the next show.
Pack your exhibit carefully
Protect your investment.
Follow up leads
Make phone calls and send thank you letters to customers and prospects. E-mail.
Gather information
Track traffic, business cards, literature distributed, leads and sales.
Evaluate your exhibit
Record sales attributable to show participation up to a year.


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